Natural Fiber Spotlight: Merino Wool

Natural Fiber Spotlight: Merino Wool

At Antero Outdoors, we pride ourselves on using sustainable, natural fibers. We’ve talked about hemp and organic cotton featured in our Perfect Hike and Perfect Hike II tees. As the new season approaches, we’re excited about bringing in new products featuring Merino Wool! 

Merino Sheep walking across the grass

Merino is a type of breed which is known for its excellent wool quality that originated in Spain during the Middle Ages. This is not a scratchy or itchy wool, it is next-to-skin soft! 


Wool is a wonderful fiber! It is 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable. Merino wool in particular is unique as it absorbs odor caused by bacteria, meaning you can wear it longer without having to worry about smelling. It’s also flame-resistant, durable, and retains its shape. 


The structure of the fiber creates a fabric that is light and is an excellent insulator. Wool helps you stay warm when the weather is cold and cool when it’s hot (yes really!). Even when wet, it helps regulate your temperature. A feature of Merino Wool is its moisture-wicking ability. The wool can retain a lot of liquid relative to its weight and it’s better than synthetic! 


Stay tuned for sneak peeks and updates on the forthcoming 2022-2023 products! 

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