The Backstory of Antero Outdoors Products

The Backstory of Antero Outdoors Products

In today's age of the internet, consumers have an overwhelming amount of choices when purchasing a product. At Antero Outdoors every piece of clothing we bring to our storefront is there for a purpose and has gone through a rigorous sourcing and production process with a lens of sustainability. 

We wanted to share a bit about those processes and stories, so check it out below!

Antero Outdoors Product Stories

Hemp/Cotton Tees

Antero was developed to try and find alternatives to all of the synthetic clothing currently used for outdoor activities. Tees were a natural first step.

We have to admit when we started this company we personally had quite a few polyester tees. They were great for moisture wicking, lightweight and inexpensive. When you really look at it...

  • Yes, they wick moisture but also hold odor, yes they’re light weight but do they really feel that good next to your skin?
  • Yes, they’re inexpensive but at what cost? Tens of thousands of micro plastic fibers shedding in every wash? No thanks.
After researching alternatives, hemp/cotton seemed to be a great substitute. Antimicrobial, lightweight, soft next to the skin and hemp has great wicking capability. Perfect. And to top it off? Made in the USA.


Short Sleeve

We wanted a tee with a comfortable fit, not too close to the body or too loose that it felt baggy.  We feel we came up with the perfect balance. The women’s version is slightly shaped while the men's is more straight. One of our test team members wore this tee mountain biking most days for 2 weeks in a row.  Still looked great with minimal odor retention. Shop short sleeves.

Long Sleeve

We also wanted to create a long sleeve version. Perfect for layering or, as it warms up throughout the day, to be worn on its own. Hemp also has a naturally high level of sun protection so this shirt was also great for those elevation hikes. Long sleeve tees can get a little boring so we thought we liven it up a bit with some contrast color stitching. Shop long sleeves.

Organic Cotton Sweatshirt

We needed a piece that was great for sitting around a campfire or at a backyard BBQ. An easy sweatshirt was the perfect thing. Organic cotton was the perfect choice. So soft and cozy and organic cotton uses much less water than conventionally grown cotton. Traditional athletic raglan sleeve for men and a flattering cropped style for women. Shop our organic cotton sweatshirt.

Organic Cotton Tee

We were looking for a simple expression of our brand in a garment. We looked no further than an organic cotton tee with a graphic that perfectly depicted the mountain that inspired our company’s name. And who better to provide that graphic for us than Brink Messick, a super-talented local Salida, CO artist. Shop our organic cotton tees here.

Merino Wool Socks

We hike almost every day. You NEED good socks to do that! For us that means merino wool.  Insulating, yet breathable. Some days it’s hot and it’s a shorter hike. You want as little as possible while still providing support. Enter: the Low-Side sock.

Some days you’re going further and some padding in the sole is just the thing, The High Side Side sock.

Of course you need a little decoration. Our logo seemed perfect. Shop Merino wool socks here.


We get a lot of wind in Salida, Colorado. Between that and early morning cold temperatures (or if you just don’t feel like washing your hair) everyone needs a beanie or 2.

Because of temperature differences and personal preference we offer both cotton and Merino wool. Shop Antero beanies here.

Water Bottle

This was an item we had wanted to do from the start. Unfortunately almost every water bottle manufacturer makes their products overseas - eye opening, right?! After a lot of research, we finally we discovered Liberty Bottles. 100% US Made. We partnered with them to create our version featuring artwork by local Salida artist Brink Messick. Shop our Antero water bottle here.

Lightweight Merino Wool Sweaters

We are trying hard to replace the polyester quarter zip or fleece for those chilly mountain mornings and evenings. These raglan sleeve color block merino wool sweaters will be our go-to this spring and summer and we hope they'll be yours too! Shop Merino wool sweaters here

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