Slow Fashion + Consumer Connections

Slow Fashion + Consumer Connections

We know how easy it is to impulse buy a cheap tee-shirt. Or to have the experience of buying clothes quicker than we wear them, so they sit unworn until they are donated and likely end up in a landfill. Clothes have become a disposable item and this contributes to the ongoing plastic problem in the environment. 

Antero Outdoors aims to be a brand that pushes back against these habits and practices a movement of “slow fashion”, opposed to “fast fashion” of the big box retailers.  Slow fashion is purposeful, holistic,  and considers the whole product lifecycle. Slow fashion is sustainable and

doesn't view products as disposable. This means there is more focus on designs that never go out of style, and are made of premium, long-lasting, quality materials. As we developed our new line of Merino Wool Sweaters and Beanies, these factors were top of mind! 

We are proud to bring products made with a slow fashion mindset to you directly from our base of operations in Salida, Colorado.The products and packaging we offer are proudly Made in the USA, supporting communities of workers and makers both locally and throughout the country.

We are on a journey to reintroduce the comfort, beauty, and utility of natural and sustainable fabrics. Using natural fabrics, we are focused on creating the next generation of timeless classics and outdoor staples. Being on this journey together with you is simply wonderful. We can't fix the world but we can offer choices that will make a difference. 

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