Outdoor Clothing: Natural Fabrics + Made in the USA

Outdoor Clothing: Natural Fabrics + Made in the USA

When it comes to outdoor clothing you want versatility and durability. Since the 1950’s, the materials used in outdoor clothes have shifted to synthetics (mostly polyester and nylon) to provide those qualities. We now know washing synthetic-based clothing results in synthetic microfibers ending up on cropland, in landfills and in our waterways. 

At Antero Outdoors, we are on a journey to reintroduce the comfort, beauty, and utility of natural and sustainable fabric! The mindful choice of organic cotton and hemp fibers to create the fabrics of our tee shirts supports responsible farming and organic management of the crops to reduce water and land usage. The resulting fabric blend in our Perfect Hike and Perfect Hike II Tees is soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable! 

There is another factor to consider: where are the products made? Antero Outdoor products are proudly made in the USA, supporting communities of workers and makers, locally in Colorado and throughout the country. We are committed to doing our best to keep it that way even with complicating factors in the current economy. 

It’s easy to just order less-expensive outdoor clothing and products online, but that comes at a cost to the environment and our economy. We can't fix the world but we can offer choices that will make a difference. Thank you for being a part of this journey! 

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