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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with Our Sustainable Made-in-the-USA Adventure Starter Kit

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with Our Sustainable Made-in-the-USA Adventure Starter Kit

At Antero Outdoors we take pride in providing you with high-quality, eco-friendly products that not only support local manufacturing but also contribute to a greener future.


In this blog post, we present to you our ultimate adventure kit, featuring a few crowd favorite products bound to enhance your outdoor experiences while prioritizing sustainability. Our recommended adventure starter kit includes:


  1. Recycled aluminum water bottle
  2. Hemp and organic cotton tee shirt
  3. A pair of merino wool socks


Join us as we explore the outstanding features of each item and discover why this combination is a game-changer for every adventure seeker.


Recycled Aluminum Water Bottle: Hydrate Responsibly

No adventure is complete without a reliable water bottle by your side, and our recycled aluminum water bottle is the perfect companion. Made with premium quality materials right here in the USA, this bottle ensures both durability and sustainability. Recycled aluminum is an excellent alternative to single-use plastic bottles, as it is BPA-free and doesn't leach harmful chemicals into your beverages. By investing in this reusable water bottle, you're making a positive impact on the environment while staying hydrated throughout your adventures.

$19 (sale!) | SHOP NOW


100% Recycled American Aluminum Water Bottle


Hemp and Organic Cotton Tee Shirt: Comfort meets Sustainability

When it comes to outdoor apparel, comfort and sustainability go hand in hand. Our recommended adventure starter kit includes a tee shirt crafted from a blend of hemp and organic cotton, offering a soft, breathable, and long-lasting fabric. Hemp is a sustainable crop that requires minimal water, pesticides, and fertilizers to grow, making it an environmentally friendly choice. By combining it with organic cotton, we ensure a comfortable and eco-conscious garment that reduces your carbon footprint. Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply exploring nature, this tee shirt will keep you comfortable while reducing the impact on the planet.

$25 - $52 | SHOP NOW


Antero Outdoors Tees


Merino Wool Socks: Warmth and Durability

Cold feet can quickly dampen any adventure, which is why we recommend our beloved merino wool socks that come in “high side” or “low side” ankle heights.. These socks are not only incredibly warm and cozy but also environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. Merino wool is a natural, renewable fiber that provides excellent insulation, moisture-wicking properties, and odor resistance. It is also biodegradable, ensuring that once their life cycle is complete, they will break down naturally without harming the environment. With our merino wool socks, your feet will stay warm and dry, allowing you to fully enjoy your outdoor pursuits.

$12 - $15 | SHOP NOW

Antero Outdoors Socks


Conclusion: Unleash Your Sustainable Adventurer Within

By choosing where you put your hard earned dollars, you're making a conscious decision to support local manufacturing, sustainable materials, and responsible consumption. Our recycled aluminum water bottle, hemp and organic cotton tee shirt, and merino wool socks are all carefully crafted with the environment in mind, ensuring a low carbon footprint and a positive impact on our planet. Embrace your inner adventurer while taking care of nature, knowing that your actions align with your values. Join us on this sustainable journey and let's make every adventure count, one eco-friendly choice at a time.


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